Turning on people *drunk rantish thing*

I'm drunk, high as a kite, and medicated as hell right now and I have something to say. Those of you furs who turned on a good (near saintly) fur recently should all feel ashamed! You know who you are, and you all turned on someone who helped you out when you needed it. Y'all sided with something that poisoned you towards this fur and you should all feel ashamed! They did everything they could to help you, and on the word of a snake, you all turned on them like they had the plague or something. Y'all know who you are, and I will not mention names, but your day will come when you look back and think, "aww shit, I shouldn't have turned on that person, I should have looked at the situation, and judged things according to the facts and reason, not blind fucking loyalty to a person who I know will stab me in the back someday because it'll end being their way or the highway, someday"

Y'all know who you are, and if'n you want to say something, do it here in the comments, you cowards!



That's what I owe in crippling debt. Its the last of my student loans, my mortgage was paid off 18 months ago, I have no credit card debt any more. But Zoe, that's not all that much, surely you can pay that off and be rid of it. No, I've paid it down to that level with my savings for the last 24 months. It's been 24 months since I lost my job, it's been 24 months of paying bills and searching for work. but to no avail. I've paid that down from over 25,000 to just a bit over 7K, I used all my savings to keep afloat, I paired myself down to a minimum of bills, but now all the money I had saved is gone, the bank wants their piece of Zoe pie.

I'm at the point, where I screw myself and declare bankruptcy, or I continue to try and find work. I choose to continue to try and find work. I'm not giving up yet.
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Call me Zoe...

Ok, so, I made the decision to begin transitioning (again, and long complicated story I don't feel like sharing), Eventually, I'll be fully female, with a name change thrown in.  I'm keeping my fur name, Souffle, since you all know me by that, so that stays the same, I am however changing my first name to Zoe, and my middle name to Holly.

So now, ya'll can call me Zoe, or Souffle, and she.  Other than that, I'm still me, I'll still be me, the only thing that changes is my gender, and hair style... and shoes, but other than that, I'll still be me.
cooking with Souffle

Stange conversations at the dinner table.

Have you ever had strange conversations at the dinner table with family?

And i mean stuff like how many ribs (sets ) in a female pig? It varies from breed to breed somewhere between 14 and 20 depending on the breed, the average is 18.

Or (and this was a recent conversation) how many diaper changes would you have to do a day, while at school, so you didn't have to use the filthy toilets... 3 was my answer, since i usually change about 3/4 times a day.

Or how about, what bird has the longest dick to body size ratio... the Male mallard duck, also takes the prize for strangest dick ever. seriously, go look up a picture of a male mallard's wang, it's the strangest thing you'll see all day.

Or one of my favorites recently, who at the table has the fastest car.... I do, with the viggen. this conversation led to a family outing to a race track to race against each other.

Or what;s the weirdest medical transplant you've seen. I saw a man's big toe, transplanted onto where his thumb used to be.

My family?? not normal...... we do not have normal conversations at the dinner table. We argue politics, dick size of animals, fast cars, medical issues, the speed that grass grows, or hair falls out..... there is no such thing as a normal conversation at our table. anything goes.

So, what's the strangest conversations you've had at the dinner table? I want to know. Tell me!! The knowledge, it fills me, it is neat.
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Taking a stab at something different.....

a whole year without finding work.  well near enough, it'll be a year in august.  F! me. a whole year, it's been a year of ups and downs, and fall out, and friends.  

Thank-you to those who helped me, and continue to help me through this.

Someone was joking about me manufacturing knives... and after giving some serious thought to it, i though, why not?  i know what chef's need and want in their knives, and who better to make knives than a chef.

I'm starting the process of sourcing steel, and woods, and i'm looking for a couple of belt grinders that i can use to help me grind the knives to a near perfect blade.  I'm also looking for a couple of small angle grinders and a few other tools i'll need to manufacture knives.

So i'm thinking of making a few kitchen knives in a line, and a couple of bush knives in a line.

My chef's knife line will consist of a parring knife, a 6 inch and an 9 inch chef's knife. i might make a 12 inch chef's knife, but that'll be by special request only.

i'll make bush knives, maybe out of Damascus steel, so they look really pretty but are still functional?  hmm maybe.

I suppose i could make a few chef's knives out of Damascus steel, they would be pretty at least, but i don't know if i could get it in the hardness I'd need for chef's knives..

Things to ponder and get going on.

things we lost, and no one noticed.

Hey, so did y'all notice bill C-38?  hundreds of pages of stuff.  Did y'all notice what we've just lost as Canadians?

Did anyone notice when our current government gutted, de-funded, and outright striped out watchdog organizations that helped to protect us and our democratic society.

Did anyone notice when the government fired and silenced it's outspoken critics?

I did.

Here is a list of organizations and watchdog groups that have been stripped of funding, publicly maligned, or have had staff quit in protest over the Harper governments actions.

Canada Firearms Program (Chief Supt Marty Chliak; fired)
Canadian Wheat Board (Adrian Measner; fired)
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (Linda Keen; fired)
Foreign Affairs (Richard Colvin; silenced by Harper's prorogation of parliament)
Military Police Complaints Commission (Peter Tinsley; forced out of position)
Ombudsman for the Department of National Defense and the Canadian Forces (Yeves Cote; resigned)
Parliamentary Budget Officer (Kevin Page; publicly maligned)
RCMP Police Complaints Commission (Paul Kennedy; fired)
Rights and Democracy (Remy Beauregard (died; heart attack)
StatsCan (Munir Sheikh; resigned in protest)
Veterans Ombudsman (Col. Pat Strogran; forced out)
Victims of Crime Ombudsman (Steve Sullivan; forced out)

these people did not agree with the Harper government, and were punished for it, accept the one person, they died..

Now how about all the community organizations, NGO's, and research bodies?  there is a huge list that have all been "defunded"  Jason Kenny's way of saying, we aren't going to give you any more cashy monies, because we don't like you, your views aren't my (Harper's) views, and you will be punished because of this.

Aboriginal Healing Foundation
Action travail des femmes
Afghan Assoc, of Ontario
Alberta Network of Immigrant Women
Alternatives (Quebec)
Assoc. Feminine d'education et d'action social (AFEAS)
Bloor Information and Life Skills center (Funding cut by roughly $471,000)
Brampton Neighbourhood Services (funding removed over last few years due to alleged mismanagement)
Canadian Arab Federation
Canadian Child Care Federation
Canadian Council for International Cooperation
Canadian Council on Learning
Canadian Council on Social Development
Canadian Heritage Center for Research and Information on Canada
Canadian International Development Agency; Office of Democratic Governance
Canadian Labour Business Centre
Canada Policy Research Networks
Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women
Canada School of Public Service
Canadian Teachers' Federation International program
Canadian Volunteerism Initiative
Centre de documentation sur l'education des adultes et la condition feminine
Center for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA)
Center for Spanish Speaking Peoples
Child Care Advocacy Assoc. of Canada
Childcare Resource and research Unit.
Climate Action Network
Community Access Program (Internet access for communities at libraries, post offices and community centers)
Community Action Resource Center (CARC)
Conseil d'intervention pour l'access des femmes au travail (CIAFT)
Court Challenges Program (exception to language rights and legacy cases)
Davenport-Perth Neighborhood Center (Toronto)
Democracy Council
Department of Foreign Affairs; Democracy Unit (Unit was folded into the Francophone and Commonwealth Div.)
Elspeth Heyworth Center for Women (Toronto)
Environment: Youth International Internship Program
Eritrean Canadian Community Center (Metro Toronto)
Feminists for Just and Equitable Public Policy (FemJEPP, Nova Scotia)
First Nations Child and Family Caring Society.
First Nations and Inuit Tobacco Control Program
Forum of Federations
Global Environment Monitoring System
HRD Adult Learning and Literacy Programs
HRD Youth Employment Programs
Hamilton Settlement and Integration Services Org. (funding cut due to allegations  mismanagement)
Immigrant settlement programs
Inter-Cultural Neighborhood Social Services (funding cut due to alleged mismanagement)
International Planned Parenthood federation
Kairos (this includes the Anglican Church of Canada, Christian Reformed Church in North America, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, United Church of Canada, Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Canadian Religious Conference and many others)
Law Reform Commission of Canada
Mada Al-Carmel Arab Center
Marie Stopes International, a maternal health agency, has received a promise of conditional funding IF it avoids any and all connections to abortion

This is a portion of the whole list.  there are literal pages of groups that have been affected by our governments action in the last two years.

I weep for our society, if we have one left by the time Harper is done with us.

crazy hair

pro choice, and socioeconomic development.

So, i was talking to a friend today, and she was arguing for "pro lifers", i was arguing for "pro choice". (i won, with a very good argument).

Now first off, most "pro lifers" (at least the ones i've met) only care about "life", when you are in the womb, and are 18 years old (old enough to join the army in most countries) other than that, they don't care, won't give you a dime, and won't support any social support what so ever.  Show me a "pro lifer" who cares about a child after it's born, and maybe i'll change my stance on "pro lifers". (don't hold your breath)

also before i begin, every single last "pro lifer" i've ever had the displeasure of meeting, was a conservative religious fanatic, people who'd keep the populace "castrated", uninformed, and destitute, and would sell their own granny to a dog food producer if it meant they would have an extra $ in their pocket.

I'm pro choice, pro education, pro energy development, pro resource development, pro infrastructure.  and allow me to argue for the socioeconomic policy that comes from this.

I'm pro choice, i strongly believe that women and parents have the right to choose to abort a fetus, it is a constitutionally granted right to abort a fetus, and to have the choice to abort, or keep that fetus. it is not a god given right. a fetus can be aborted up to 6 months, after that, there is too much danger of killing the mother.  now i say this, because until the fetus is born, it's just that, it's a fetus, it's not a human, it's a fetus, it could be classified as a pine tree for all i care, yes it's a "human fetus" that when it is born will become a human being, but it is still a fetus.  it doesn't even legally count as a human being, until it's born, otherwise fetus's would be counted on census forms, and you would say, "why yes, we have 2.5 children."

 when you have a mother with 2 children already and a fetus in her womb, she does not say, she has 3 kids, she says, she has 2 kids, and one on the way.  It's a fetus, and as such, it could die in the womb, or it could survive and be born, becoming a human child.

So, if a mother chooses to abort a fetus, that's ok, if a mother chooses to keep the fetus, that's also ok.  so now we move onto pro education.

I'm pro education, so, now we have this newly born human child, who at some point will enter the education system to have knowledge crammed into their malleable brain meats.  and before it comes up, yes, i believe in separation of religion and state, and the separation of religion and education.  religious doctrine has it's place, just not in the school system.

So your child is growing up, having had a pretty good education, and they want to become an artist, or a doctor, or a 2nd Lieutenant in the military, awesome, ok, so all of these jobs, need infrastructure, resources and energy to work properly,

The artist, needs supplies, the hospital needs supplies, and the 2nd Lieutenant needs supplies which means that there needs to infrastructure in place to move all this stuff around, which also means that there needs to be resource development, and energy development, the resources are needed to build the infrastructure, and the energy is needed to mine the minerals and makes the materials.

Now i do have caveats, resource development should happen in your own country, and you should export the fully finished material to who is going to buy it. not this; our resources are "owned" by foreign interests, and a fee is paid, no, forget that, if countries want oil, they can buy it refined from the country of origin, not exported raw, and refined else-where.  they want gold? they can buy the finished gold bricks, and pay the market costs.

the same with energy developments, they should be done in country, and suit the needs of the country, not the foreign investment interests.

keeping resource development in country means that there are jobs to be had by the countries populace, there are higher revenues and more money in the coffers of the government,  keeping energy development in the country means that technology is made to suit the needs of the country, this also means more jobs are kept in the country and there is less outsourcing to foreign interests.  keeping the education system in tiptop shape and ensuring that everyone has access to it means even more jobs, and a highly trained and skillful workforce, even less need for foreign intervention.

Giving people the choice to abort or keep a fetus, means that hopefully, the fetus survives and is allowed to be born and become a child. A child that will need a socioeconomic support structure of education, energy, resources and infrastructure to be a fully useful member of society.

but, if the choice was made to abort the fetus, then so be it.  choice made, consequences dealt with, life goes on.

allow me to clarify about hipster vegans..

ok, so i'm getting notes, about my last journal posting. I want to state, that i don't hate vegans, i hate hipster vegans.

I have friends who are vegan, and i cook for them all the time, i enjoy the challenge of vegan cooking, and getting complete proteins from mixing and matching nuts, legumes and grains.

I loathe Hipster vegans because they are only "vegan" because it's counter culture and therefor isn't "mainstream". I loath hipster vegans because they don't do it right, they often make life miserable for chef's because of their asinine requests.

i just want to shake my head at hipster vegans, how many times have you seen one of these at Mc D's? a HV eating the french fries? .... the french fries at Mc D's are not vegan, that natural flavor that's on the ingredient list? is sourced from cows, and beef fat.

so, no, i don't have an issue with actual vegans, only hipster vegans

F......ing Tofurkey!

i was chatting with betowolf, and he was picking my brains for some little tidbits of cooking advice, something i'm more than happy to give out to those who ask.... and i said, i'd give advice on anything, but tofurkey, because seriously, fuck tofurkey.

When i was working in Banff, for about a month, i was running the night time kitchen, preparing the orders that were coming in.   we were doing the dinner service in the main dining hall, and the pub, and we were doing alright, the buffet was going smoothly, and the pub wasn't sending many orders.  so i guess not bad for a christmas week at the Banff Center.

We also had "catering orders" that were given to us at the start of the shift by the executive chef, our boss, and all around great guy and leader, anyways, we had a catering order for tofurkey, that was to be served to a bunch of whiny hipster vegan artists who were staying at the center for a month, they had been making our collective lives a living hell, they wouldn't let us do the omelet station in the morning for the breakfast buffet, we couldn't have bacon bit anywhere near the buffet for the salads or baked potatoes, and so on and so forth, like i said, they were whiny hipster assholes.

Anyways, they had placed an order for a Tofurkey, for their collective, whiny, skinny jeans wearing christmas dinner, and Chef had, had enough of them.  (this is why you don't fuck with chef's by the way) Chef instructed us to "meatify" the tofurkey and serve it table side (have a chef/cook, in presentation whites serve everyone at the table).  So we did just that, we wrapped the tofurkey in bacon, and deep-fried the whole thing in a combination of beef fat, bacon fat and duck fat, with some canola oil for good measure.

The now "meatified" tofurkey was served with a mix of steamed and sauteed veggies, and a nice thick " veggie" (oh who am i kidding, the gravy had duck fat in it), the service was done table side, and the hipsters said it was the best tasting tofurkey they had ever had.  I had a huge shit-eating-grin on my face the entire time i watched those ass's eat the "meatfurkey", we all did. they cleared their plates, said it was the best meal they'd had in ages.  so tasty and delicious..... and laced with meaty meaty fats.

Kitchen and chef's: 1, whiny hipster vegan artists: 0

Desert was not much better, they were made, and served a "special sorbet" by Chef, it contained egg whites, and gelatin made from animals.  poor poor hipsters didn't stand a chance that night.

Kitchen and chef's: 2, Dirty hipsters: still 0.

So, if anyone asks me to cook a tofurkey for them, i am going to 1, bitch slap them, 2, cook it in meat, and 3, bitch slap them again. 

If you want to eat turkey, eat a turkey, not some pressed turkey flavored tofu.

Thanks Canadian government, ........ assholes!

-Begin Ranting!

So, once again, i've been denied any help from the Canadian government. thanks guys, thanks a fucking lot. 15 years of paying into unemployment benefits, and you deny me.

But! if i were a homeless piece of trash, or the drug addled social screw-up , or a lumberjack, or a fisherman, i'd have access, but, because i've been steadily employed (well upto last year) for 15 years, i get nothing.

Fuck it!.

who goddamned voted this current government in? whoever you are, go fuck yourselves with a red hot iron poker. this government is a cancer on our nation. It needs to be removed.

Viva La Revolution or whatever!

- End Ranting!